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Contractor for Minor Home Repair or Renovation Works.

Doors Repair, Cabinet Doors Repair:
from $50 or from $60 for labor only.

Sliding Door, Glass Door,Door Parts FIXING.
-Change Doors' locks, Hinges, Door Handles/Knobs, Door

-Doors Alignments by Adjustments.

-  Timber Sliding/Open  Doors , Toilet / Bedroom /Main Doors
Closing & general Problems.
-   Homes/ Office/ Shops' Glass Doors

-Change Door hinge, Door Lock, Door Handle, Door Stopper,    
Door Latch , Door Sliding Rollers due to Door Closing problem .

-Align HDB door gate, Metal Door Grille ,Change Gates locks,
Change Metal Door 's Hinges , Outside Metal Gate 's latch.

-Replace Rubbish chute, Reinstall back  Rubbish Chute Cover  
that's fallen down.

-Doors' closing related problem such as door does not
swing back  or Office Glass Door Slams back, Oil leaking
in Door Closer, Glass Door Cannot lock because Out
of Alignment .

- Change Door  Closer, Change Floor Spring.

- Doors Expansion due to Moisture- Door Edges/Floor to  chip
off to allow door to close .

-  Repair and adjust drawer slides ,cabinet doors .
-  Change Cabinets doors ' handles ,Hinges, Locks, and
also  Sliding doors ' tracks ; drawers' rollers . Adjust
Cabinets Doors,Glass Doors , Sliding Doors
Sliding problem for timber, laminated,    or glass doors.
-         Repair Stuck (Can't Open) Doors, drawers, Glass Doors.

Wardrobe Sliding Problem, Wardrobe sliding door stuck,
dislodged, Wardrobe Door Lock , Wardrobe sliding track &
Sliding Rollers problem, Wardrobe Sliding Doors Alignment.

-  Change Glass Panels for Broken Glass Doors.

Plumbing Repair works
-Labor Charges Only For Expected
Indicative Purpose :
Labor  for Unchoking the sink, Sink leak,
From $50 onwards.
Labor to repair Toilet bowl leak, From $50
Changing the toilet bowl flush,
From $60
Replacing & supply tap for sink From $80 ,
Water Pipe  for washing machines
From $50
Supply new  water pipes on wall from $50
Install Water Heater from $60,
Kitchen Leaking Problems
From $50,
Floor Clog problem
From $60 onwards etc.  

DOORS/Carpentry Repair works.
Repair for Labor To Change Door Lock,Hinge,
Handles , Knobs etc .
From $ 50.
Supply Such Door Fittings .From  additional $20 onwards
depending on your budget and brand.
Repair Door Opening, Closing, Sliding Problems, Alignment
From $60 onwards.
Note: We do not Supply or replace Doors.

Cabinets Doors /Drawers Problem. Labor
from $ 50,
Supply replacement fittings  such as hinges etc
from additional $10 onwards .
To Drill holes on wall for hanging pictures, fixtures, accessories .
From $ 50 onwards depend on total fixtures qty to be installed.
To Install Plasma TV on wall with your own brackets.
From $ 50.

Painting to Small areas in minor renovation.Subj to Site assess.

Electrical Lighting Repair
works .

Repair Any Minor Lighting Problems-Labor
Only to Change Electrical Ballast, Fuse
,Starters ,Connection Problems.
From $50 onwards
Labor  Only to  Change & Replace with new
Lightings/Bulbs/Flourescent Tubes/LED
/Lighting Fixtures and Fittings.
FROM $ 50 onwards
Labor Only To Service , Repair Air
Conditioner .
FROM $50  onwards
Labor only for Installation of  Appliances .
From $ 50 onwards

Note :No Repair of Home Appliances, No
SCV ,nor Telephone point.  
About Our Handyman            
- A Jack of more than a few trades ,Will help solve your Big headache in
less time.
The same Handyman comes - be it Change the tap, OR, Hang a picture
,Or Change a Blown fuse , Or Change your Door Lock!
Join many of our clients who not only find our handymen fantastic in skills
& prices,have also found our services so Handy , they have kept coming
back like old friends.
Keep us Handy with your Cards !
Serving many professionals and
house owners throughout
Singapore, We are well liked
and  sought after ,repeatedly
recommended for HONEST

1.What is your Price Range?______________________
Minimum price starts from $50 onwards per trip.Charges
differ and is determined by the repair work required, the
extend of work necessary and amount of tasks.

2.How much does my work cost ?____________
General Prices are shown in this page as indication, while an accurate price is
only possible to be determined upon site assessment .
3.Can you estimate a price range for my works  ?_
All prices can only be accurately quoted by our handymen when he sees the
works.We are not  responsible for inaccurate estimation of prices prior to a
site assessment.
3. What Stated Prices  is Not, Disclaimer:___
Prices herwith indicated must be taken as a guideline with discretion
only.Actual Price may or may not be the same as our indicative prices
,subject to actual works determination, No Liabilities shall be borne by us in
any inconveniences arising from inaccurate  prices presumptions before a
site determination .
- Repair Minor Electrical,Lighting Problems  -
Ballast,Wire Connection,Faulty Bulbs.

- Supply & Install new Ceiling lighting ,Led
,Halogen,Light Bulb,Fluorescent Lights.

-Installation of Electrical Appliances.
-Hang Pictures,-Re fill & plaster holes, Install door
bell, mirrors ,curtains ,
Dish washer, Clothes
Hanger, Hanging rods,Kitchen Accesories
etc .
-Mount Plasma T V bracket , Sound Systems.

-Install Grab Bars in House or Bathrooms for
Safety -Conscious and functional usages.

Minor Electrical Repair Works.
Works may cover the purchase of lightings/ electrical appliance upon your request.

- Lighting Problem ; Changing  new Lighting parts  such as Ballast or Fuse or  Connection Problem.

- Supply & Install new lighting including purchase standard lighting  -depends on customers' budget.


- Install Household Electrical Appliances e.g  Water Heater, Washing Machines,Dish Washer,Dryer,
Oven ,TV.

Minor Plumbing Repair Works:
Works may cover the purchase of sinks/ fittings;upon your request.
W.C/ Water Cistern  From $60(Labor only)

-Change Flusher for w.c toilet cistern .Flushing problem .(include standard type Flusher).
-Change to new W.C. flushing button .-Change to new water inlet for w.c;(standard type)Change for
w.c internal s/s screw ;, change pipe .
- Change both water inlet and outlet for W C .

from $60.(labor Only)  
-Unchoke floor trap in kitchen .W.C. &;LEAKING PROBLEMS:
- W.c Leaking .

SINK / TAP         ;from $50.(Labor only)
-Unchoke sink in kitchen/toilet .
-Change sink tap, shower head &;.Install Hot cold mixer tap.
-drill holes for hanging accessories in toilet .
-Tap, Sinks, Pipes, leaking problem .
- Install only sink and tap .No piping .Piping at charges depending on length.(prices does not include
supply of tap/sink/pipes/parts)
WASHING MACHINE , WATER  HEATER                   from $50 (Labor Only)
-Install and connect new tap to washing machine or water heater,etc.
- Repair  water connection of pipe/hose to washing machine, or water heater etc.
Its been Repeated again and
again,  the  'thank you's ,
compliments , repeat
customers, customers'
referrals  we received from our
clients for the many simple
works our handymen has
rendered but big headaches
we've helped removed for our
clients ! Our Honest Services?
Truly testified.
Plumbing :

- Water Clog, Leaking , Flushing, Overflow
- Tap, Sink, Floor Trap, W C Water Cistern, Water
Pipe, Shower Hose, Water Spray, Shower Head,
Washing Machine Pipe, Water Heater Pipe .
DOORS.Open , Sliding,Glass Types.
- Locks, Hinges, HandlesFloor Spring, Closers.
-Doors Alignments ,Fix Closing & Sliding rollers.
Align HDB door gate, locks/chute.
-Doors Expansion due to Moisture
- Fix Drawer slides ,cabinet doors .
- Windows Latch, Locks,Sliding track.
General Works/Carpentry/Minor Painting.
--Change Glass Panels .
-Dismantle & Assemble Beds, Cabinets etc.
- Sink- Silicon Sealing, Stabilise with supports .
- BED- Drill/Knock/Stabilise .
- Ceiling Paster Board - Cut for Acess panel
- Gypsum - Minor Touch up.
- Cabinets/Tables- Cut Hole for Wire Acess.
-Painting minor area & Plaster - touch up.
-Repair HDB rubbish chute's Hinges.
Renovation WORKS

$50 onwards

-Hang Pictures by Drilling.
-Re fill & plaster holes left by former pictures' nails.
- Install Wall Hangings ,Kitchen and Toilets ACCESSORIES.
-Install  mirrors ,toilet/kitchen  accessories, racks, bars etc .

- Install Blinds , Curtains tracks .
-Install and hang  Plasma T V bracket Using your own purchased
TV brackets.

- Install & stabilise fallen shelves , Stabilise Kitchen Hanging
Cabinets, Strengthen Support for Cabinets about to fall off.

Dismantling ,Removal and Installation  Of  Built in
Cabinets and Furniture .

- To Dismantle and remove existing Cabinets , on- site Carpentry   
Modifcation  , or Move and reinstall the cabinets .
- Assembly of DIY Furniture / beds.
- To cut holes on existing Cabinets or tables for wires.

Stengthening/Changing/Touching Up works and
General Works:
From $50

-        SINK.-Kitchen sink edge to seal with silicon, Stabilise with    
brackets/supports .
-        BED.-Drill/ fasten ;to stabilise bed ,supply of wood on
additional charges.
-        -Strengthen bed/furniture with bolts/nuts or screws,
Knocking /stabilizing
-        -Install timber strips to add support & stabilise.
-        WALL/FIXTURES.-Paint a wall affected area.depending on
wall area.
-        - Plaster / fill up ; touch up &drill holes on wall. –
-        Install silicon to stabilise fixtures .
-        -Install Dish Racks, Clothes Hanger or any of your own
purchased Accesories items .
-        -Repair/ Change HDB rubbish chute  .
What we Cover:
Repair/Installation/Fixing -such as done using hand tools only in under an hour for a single task.
Any On Site Minor Works and Repairs  in Plumbing, Electrical & Carpentry.
No Wood or Glass  Fabrication in Workshops.
We are
Built on Reliability
and No Less.

What Stated Prices  is Not, Disclaimer:___
Prices herwith indicated must be taken as a guideline with discretion only.Actual Price may or may not be the same as our indicative prices ,subject to actual works
determination, No Liabilities shall be borne by us in any inconveniences arising from inaccurate  prices presumptions before a site determination .